Huffman Manufacturing

In keeping with the proud tradition of 250 years of American manufacturing, Huffman Manufacturing runs on red white and blue.

vpn for gamingEvery product is produced with care, checked by hand for quality, and carefully shipped to customers around the globe.

Manufacturing is an enormous part of America’s economy. As cited by the NAM, “manufacturers contributed $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy.” This means that American manufacturing sector alone has a higher GDP than many developed nations.

Consider that the entire U.S.A.’s GDP is $17.419 trillion according to data from the World Bank, and that means manufacturing accounts for more than a tenth of the U.S. economy (roughly 12%).

The jobs and goods created by the American manufacturing industry are a cornerstone of the nation’s economy, helping to support the country financially. America is a world leader in technology and innovation, and that’s something every American should be proud of. New developments in technology can impact our lives in deep and meaningful ways, helping improve the quality of life for everyone.

Manufacturing helps breed innovation, as manufacturers like Huffman constantly work to find new ways to improve efficiency, speed, or safety in their processes and products.